Southport’s Paul Fisher Awarded for a Lifetime of Outstanding Service


Each year at the ElectriCities Annual Conference, we recognize individuals for their outstanding contributions to public power.

At the 2023 conference:

  • Paul Fisher received the Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Ethan Poppe received the Rising Star Award.
  • Rich Worsinger received the Distinguished Service Award.

The Public Power Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes sustained long-term outstanding leadership, public power service, innovation, and creativity.

2023 Public Power Lifetime Achievement Award winner Paul Fisher (center) with family members

Let’s meet the 2023 Public Power Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Paul Fisher.

Paul is from the North Carolina public power city of Southport. He’s a shining example of what it means to be an outstanding leader and dedicated public servant.

Before he began serving the public power community, Paul served his country. He was a Full-Bird Colonel in the U.S. Army and served two tours in Vietnam.

Paul has been a committed and tireless advocate for the development and growth of public power for many years. He has served on the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency (NCEMPA) Board of Commissioners for more than 30 years. He chaired the Board in 2009, and he was on the Board when the $1.25 billion sale of the Agency’s assets to Duke was completed.

He also served on the NCEMPA Rate Committee for 20 years.

Along with his decades of providing insight and leadership on the Board, Paul has a long history of service in Southport, where he was on the Board of Aldermen for 16 years. He has served on various Southport committees and in community organizations, including the Southport Fire Station Committee, the Southport Cemetery Committee, the Southport Lions Club, and Downtown Southport, Inc.

Paul’s decades of service, dedication, and leadership have certainly made an impact on his community. That was clear at a surprise luncheon held to announce that he would receive this award. Southport officials, City staff, and Paul’s family all came to honor him at the event.

Congratulations, Paul! And thank you for your dedicated service.

Next, meet the 2023 Rising Star Award recipient, Ethan Poppe, and the 2023 Distinguished Service Award winner, Rich Worsinger.

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