Clayton’s Ethan Poppe Named a Public Power Rising Star


Each year at the ElectriCities Annual Conference, we recognize individuals for their outstanding contributions to public power.

At the 2023 Annual Conference:

  • Ethan Poppe received the Rising Star Award.
  • Rich Worsinger received the Distinguished Service Award.
  • Paul Fisher received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Let’s meet and celebrate the 2023 Public Power Rising Star Award recipient, Ethan Poppe.

2023 Public Power Rising Star Award recipient Ethan Poppe (center), with fellow Town of Clayton staff (left to right): Allen Turnage (Electric Director), Penny Adams (Program Support Specialist), Ann Game (Utilities & Billing Director), and Rich Cappola (Town Manager)

The Rising Star Award recognizes up-and-coming leaders who have less than 10 years of experience and who, in that relatively short time, have made significant and sustained contributions to the electric utility industry and to public power.

That perfectly describes Ethan.

Ethan joined the Town of Clayton in 2020 as an Energy Service Technician in the Electric Department. Even though he had no prior experience working in an electric department, his initiative and ability to learn new skills immediately made him a valuable member of the team.

Through staffing changes in the Electric Department, including a period without a dedicated Electric Department Director, Ethan stepped up and took on responsibilities above and beyond his job role. He worked with engineering, operations, and contracts & procurement staff, as well as outside consultants to increase his knowledge of electrical and project management principles.

Clayton’s Engineering Director, Joshua Baird, said Ethan’s professional growth, willingness to take on additional duties, and process improvements make him an asset to the department and the community and enable the Town to continue to provide exceptional service.

Joshua isn’t the only one singing Ethan’s praises. Ann Game, the Town’s Utilities & Billing Director, said she’s amazed at what Ethan has been able to do. From bidding, contracting, and load management analysis, to helping the Town receive APPA’s Gold-level RP3 designation, helping launch the Town’s new outage management program, and performing an EV study, Ann says Ethan accepts all challenges that come his way and is just an incredible all-around employee.

Clayton’s Electric Director, Allen Turnage, said, “We see a long future for Ethan at the Town of Clayton, and we appreciate his dedication to our community.”

And so do we. Congratulations, Ethan!

Next, let’s meet the 2023 Distinguished Service Award recipient, Rich Worsinger, and the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Paul Fisher.