Wilson Company Makes Objects Of Beauty From Unlikely Source


When you hear the words “tobacco leaves” the first images that come to mind most likely don’t include anything remotely beautiful or refined. It’s not surprising considering how tobacco is traditionally used – to say nothing of its value as a cash crop in North Carolina’s economy for generations.

What is surprising is how Artisan Leaf, a company in Wilson, transforms ordinary tobacco leaves into extraordinary objects of obsession. One look at the exquisite creations this small but mighty four-man company produces in its production facility located in the city’s historic downtown digs will tell you why.

Artisan Leaf isn’t merely the name of the company. It also happens to be the brand name of the product the company manufactures and uses in the fabrication process it has become famous for. A meticulous, labor of love honed and perfected to make possible the magnificent walls, ceilings, floors, tables and other home furnishings you will find here and nowhere else. All of which makes Artisan Leaf worthy of a visit whether you’re in the market for one-of-a-kind home furnishings or you just want to see for yourself what remarkable, home-grown craftmanship looks like up close and personal. Visit www.artisanleaf.com to learn more.


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