Huntersville Couple Makes Beautiful, Functional Leather Goods


Joel and Kerri Mills know it’s the thought that counts. That has been the backbone of the couple’s leather goods company, Choice Cuts Industries. From their workshop in the public power community of Huntersville, the Millses design and create watchbands, bags, wallets, dog collars, journals, and more.

A Choice Cuts design is an investment, meant to be used day in and day out and designed to stand the test of time. Every product is made of the highest quality leather, sourced only from U.S. tanneries, and handmade by one of the Millses. There’s no secret, only hard work and uncompromising standards.

It all started when Joel Mills grew tired of frequently replacing store-bought leather watchbands. A graphic designer by training, he thought he could make a better band—and he did. Friends wanted a Mills-made band, so he sold them. Along the way, Kerri Mills also fell in love with the process; she was tired of frequently replacing store-bought leather bags, so she made a better one. The collection grew from there. Intentional, beautiful, and functional, these are pieces of everyday luxury. See for yourself and learn more at

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