Nick Hendricks Awarded for Distinguished Service


Each year at the ElectriCities Annual Conference, we recognize individuals for their outstanding contributions to public power. At the 2022 conference:

  • Nick Hendricks received the Distinguished Service Award.
  • Tyler Berrier received the Rising Star Award.
  • Stephen Peeler received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Let’s meet and celebrate this year’s 2022 Distinguished Service Award winner, Nick Hendricks.

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes leaders with 10 or more years of experience who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication to public power, brought their organization to a new level of excellence, led by example, and inspired their employees and staff to improve processes, services, and operations.

Coworkers, friends, and family celebrate 2022 Public Power Distinguished Service Award winner Nick Hendricks

Nick Hendricks is undoubtedly one of those leaders.

More than 35 years ago, Hendricks joined the City of Kings Mountain’s Energy Department as a lineworker, and he never left.

Fueled by his love for the city, his dedication to improving the lives of its residents, and his commitment to ensuring the safety of electric department employees, Hendricks made his way to Director of Electric Utilities, Director of Energy Services, and then Assistant City Manager. He retired from the City on August 31, 2022.

He has served the public power community in many ways over the years, including a six-year stint on the ElectriCities Board of Directors. He has been the Alternate Commissioner for the Non-Power Agency Board of Commissioners since 1998, and he chairs the Lineman Career Development Committee.

Always quick to respond to calls for mutual aid, Hendricks has led crews to help folks recover from all sorts of disasters across North Carolina, throughout the southeast, and up north, where he worked on the snowy side of Hurricane Sandy.

Nick is a tremendous advocate for safety and training. He has a passion for ensuring that lineworkers stay safe on the job, and he has taught several to do that over the years—both on the job and as a course instructor. His team knows that when it comes to electricity, Hendricks says, “If we can’t work it safe, we’re not going to do it.”

He’s a conscientious leader—always considering how his decisions affect everyone, not just a few. Not one to cut corners, Hendricks has told his employees, “We don’t have to be first, but we’ll be the first to do it right.”

Though the City of Kings Mountain gifted him a rocking chair for his retirement, we can’t imagine him using it much. Well, unless he can continue to serve his community while rocking away.

Congratulations, Nick!

Now, meet the 2022 Rising Star Award winner, Tyler Berrier, and the 2022 Public Power Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Steve Peeler.

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