Tyler Berrier Named a Public Power Rising Star


Each year at the ElectriCities Annual Conference, we recognize individuals for their outstanding contributions to public power. At the 2022 conference:

  • Tyler Berrier received the Rising Star Award.
  • Nick Hendricks received the Distinguished Service Award.
  • Stephen Peeler received the Lifetime Achievement Award.
2022 Public Power Rising Star Award winner Tyler Berrier with Vice Chair of the ElectriCities Board, Randy McCaslin (left), High Point City Manager Tasha Logan Ford, and High Point Assistant City Manager Eric Olmedo

Let’s meet and celebrate the 2022 Rising Star Award winner, Tyler Berrier.

The Rising Star Award recognizes up-and-coming leaders who have less than 10 years of experience and who, in that relatively short time, have made significant and sustained contributions to the electric utility industry and to public power.

Berrier is most definitely that type of leader.

He started as a civil engineer in the City of High Point’s public services department in 2014 and worked his way up to Assistant Director of Electric Utilities for the City—a position he’s held since July 2018. Make that: a position he held from July 2018 until August 2022.

See, while presenting Berrier’s award at the conference, Randy McCaslin, who is a long-time High Point city leader and current Vice Chair of the ElectriCities Board of Directors, announced Berrier’s promotion to High Point’s Electric Utilities Director.

Rising star indeed. Cue the confetti!

From the outset, Berrier has been a leader in the department and the City. He helped guide technological advances, such as creating an online streetlight outage reporting system, and he has been one of the key leaders of the AMI project the City kicked off this year.

“Tyler’s not afraid to take on challenges and has always exhibited a willingness to learn,” said Assistant City Manager Eric Olmedo. “More important than anything, though, are his manner and personality. He’s very calm, collected, and rational, and he really thinks about the big picture when he’s talking about the electric utility in particular, but then also how that fits in within the City as a whole.”

Congratulations, Tyler!

Now, meet the 2022 Distinguished Service Award winner, Nick Hendricks, and the 2022 Public Power Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Steve Peeler.

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